Sintex now introduces, FRP Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks developed for the Indian market in technical collaboration with the innovator and world leader M/s. Containment Solutions,USA. FRP Petroleum Storage Tanks are the latest and superior alternative for the existing conventional petroleum storage tanks for petroleum products all over the world. These tanks are set to bring about a techno commercial revolution in the Indian industry eliminating all the disadvantages of Steel, Petroleum Storage Tanks currently being used.


M/s. Containment solutions Inc are the world leader in innovation and manufacturing of FRP petroleum tanks to meet storage & handling of hazardous and able liquids.

Sintex FRP Underground Petroleum Storage Tank shall be suitable for various petroleum products including petrol, Jet oil, Aviation gas, Motor oil(New/used)Kerosene, Diesel or gas fuel oils, including Ethanol, Methanol, blended petrol as well as oxygenated fuels.


Sintex FRP Underground Petroleum Storage Tank shall be listed and labeled by UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) to UL-1316, which is a stringent international, process, quality and product performance standard. It is pertinent to note that Sintex shall be the sole manufacturer and supplier of above FRP Underground Petroleum Storage Tank as per UL1316 listing.


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